Concept Art Updates

Exploring some new styles. The first image was built tile by tile using Tiled. The inspiration came from old Japanese maps. The “mood” was exciting at first but it felt to me like it overpowered the design of the game.

The change in perspective (2nd image) felt like a breakthrough. The Prince lends itself to symbolic art much more than I realized. This was a very unpolished doodle but it aligns much better with the quick, casual nature of the gameplay.

japanese island isometric concept

Screenshot 2015-05-18 17.22.48

2015 Goals

This year we’re focusing on a new project called ‘The Prince’ (working title). Our goal is to launch a commercially viable product mid-to-late 2015. We super excited to share progress, wins and fails on this blog as we go along.

More details to come soon about the game itself but in the meantime, enjoy these concept images.

Screenshot 2015-01-02 11.51.47 Screenshot 2015-01-02 11.51.59 Screenshot 2015-01-02 11.52.02 Screenshot 2015-01-02 11.52.15Screenshot 2015-01-02 11.53.53

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– AB